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If anyone is in need of love, help, friendship, support, or even advice. Then please don't be shy and send me something in my askbox. I'll do what I can to help you. I love you all :]

Anonymous asked: babe

aw thank you sweetheart

cant sleep ask me anything


There is truly nothing like sitting your little princess on your lap so she faces you and embracing her tight with your arms. Just as she wraps herself around you and clings onto you, then buries her face deep into your shoulder. You rub her back and gently swap side to side, while giving her the occasional kiss on the cheek.
Sometimes a little needs that, to feel safe, to feel secure, to feel innocent, to feel like the little girl that she is, and to feel the love her Daddy has for her.
Sometimes Daddies need that to feel like he is her gentle nurturer, to feel like he is her protector, to feel like her emotional rock, to feel the trust his little one has for him, and to feel the love his little one has for him.
berrykoolaid asked: Hellooo

hello there

Anonymous asked: I really do love you, I mean like for real, I'm pretty sure I'm not sure what love is but I think this is nearest to it dude

This is one of the sweetest messages I ever receive. thank you dearest anon

put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me

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"i’m sad and idk how to feel better"


"i don’t know what to draw"


"i always mess up"




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Erase from your vocabulary the word “someday.” Do not save things for “special occasions.” Take into account the fact that every day is special. Every day is a gift that we must appreciate and be thankful for. Wear your attractive clothes, wear your nice perfume, use your fine silverware and dishes, and drink from your expensive crystal glasses…just because. Live every day to the fullest and savor every minute of it.
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